Out of the Abyss

Cut Scene: Drow Pursuit

The Gorge

Ilvara seethed with rage as she saw the prisoners escape across the gorge. "Incompetent fools! Worthless males! If you cannot capture a few slaves, what good are you!?!". She grabbed one of them by the back of the neck in her anger and hoisted him over the brink of the gorge.

She glared into the darkness of the gorge for a moment. "You two!" she yelled at the returning quaggoths, "fetch the bodies from the bottom and bring them to me. They may yet be able to serve." The shaggy monsters bowed their heads and did as she bade.


When she had finished with them, she hadn't learned much, but she now knew where the prisoners were fleeing to. She emerged from her tent, cleaning her hands on a silken cloth. "They are going to the Kuo-Toa village. Foolish slaves!" she raged "They're likely to get themselves all killed. They are my property. If anyone is to kill them, it shall be I!" 

Jorlan Duskryn immediately stepped forward, trying his best to disguise his slight limp "My Priestess! Allow me to take a group ahead. I shall recover them for you!" Ilvara frowned at his hideous scar and regarded him with contempt. 

Field Commander Shoor Vandree stepped forward to protest "Surely, Priestess, if any is to have the honor of recovering your slaves, it should be I, not this…" Ilvara raised but a single finger and he fell immediately silent. With a gesture, she sent him stepping back to his place. She smiled inwardly. Perhaps it was good if her new lover didn't get too comfortable. After all, he was only a male. It was important to remind him of his place. 

"Very well" she purred with mocking sweetness to Jorlan "Let's see if you still have any bit of the man you once were under those scars. Take a squadron and recover my property. But make haste, Jorlan, my patience is thin, and I grow weary of failure."

Jorlan could not help but give a twisted smile as he bowed low, then turned to start gathering his warriors. 

"Oh, and Jorlan!" she called "The newcomers? The ones that aided them in escaping? They took what is mine. I want them. Dead or alive."

"Yes, my priestess." Jorlan's voice was hard, determined "It shall be done." 


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