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Valdomir’s family: what he thinks vs. what is real

Mama and Pop loved Valdo, and Mama was very smart. She knew how to make things and Pop knew how to hunt. When Pop died it was just him and Mama, for a while, but he remembers a mean lady she asked for help who made Mama cry. Since then, she’d send him out to get casks of drink from town… often. She was sad and it made her happy. There was a man named Malas who helped them with things, eventually. He hit Valdo and Mama a lot, but he always said they deserved it. He didn’t know what Mama could have done, but she always said it was okay, she was okay, and Valdo was a good boy. Valdo was a mental defective at the time, he is aware, so perhaps he had done things deserving of it.

He wanted to help Mama, though, so she wouldn’t be so sad. He’d try to find pretty things for the “family”, or things he pictured to be of value, to bring her when he’d come back with her happy drink. He wanted to be a good boy. Now he understands that he wanted to be successful to her, and in his simple way, he wanted her, or them, to be proud of him. So when he found the pretty idol and it asked him what he wished for, that’s what he wanted: to be successful. What it gave him were the tools and a promise that if he used this new knowledge, it would soon find him.

So, he wandered for a while, taking much longer than usual to get home. He grappled with his sudden, expanded, understanding. He witnessed the stupidity of the mankind, souring himself to people, but found friends in books… and understanding in communion with The Thing That Lurks. He’d gotten a pouch of 10 gold helping for a while at a library, and he planned to take that home to assist them until he could return again. On the way, however, he was captured by the Drow.

What is real.

Valdo’s mother (Mama) and Grandfather (Pop) were his parents. Outcast from society for their ill behavior, they had to fend for themselves. When Pop died, and his “mean” Grandmother made it clear they’d receive no help from her, Mama started drinking… heavily. She really isn’t too bright (to Valdo’s current idea of it) and figured the only way to survive was to find a man to take care of them. At first, she paid a hand to come out and help. The hand was actually a rather mercenary jerk who made himself the big fish of their exceptionally small pond. This was Malas, who always had things his way in the household and, while he had no actual love for either of them, especially hated her idiot son. He’d send him on missions he hoped would get him killed, but somehow it never succeeded, and he was beaten for his constant “failures”.

One thing is true between the two perspectives: Mama did love Valdo, even though she knew he was mentally defective, and she believes he is a good boy.

As it stands, with his lack of understanding, at the time, Valdomir, as he is now, still doesn’t quite understand the interplay in his family or that it is not quite right.


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