The Darkness.

It is everywhere. It is everything. It is overwhelming. It is never ending. But the overwhelming darkness isn't alone. It has a companion. An insidious, ever present accomplice.

Unnerving, unending, deafening silence.

Through narrow tunnels and wide passages, across large open cathedrals and through winding stalagmite mazes, and the one constant is the infinite silent dark.

Perhaps you can see, with torches, with lanterns, with dark vision. Perhaps, if you're lucky, your vision extends as far as 120 feet in front of you. That's a meager 40 yards, at best, of gray and dreary visibility beyond which is inky black. Occasionally the darkness is broken by clinging phosphorescent fungi, or a crawling luminescent creature, and from out of the silence echo sounds of dripping water or scurrying unseen beasts. However that serves only as a mocking tease – for once past that glimpse of light, the endless darkness consumes, the endless silence engulfs, again.

Out of the Abyss

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